A single real-time view of your operations across all data sources and on any device.


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Visual KPI has been monitoring real-time operations data for thousands of users [link] around the world for over 10 years. We even designed it to visualize real-time data in the browser on any device starting way back in 2005 (remember your phone back then?). While the software has changed dramatically over the years, the core concepts that were responsible for its success remain the same.

“We are in love with this software. The users could not believe that what they wanted to do for two years was archived in 10minutes.”

Head of Industrial Applications, Pemex Refining


The Visual KPI Server (on premise or cloud) reads data from all of your sources (historians/time-series, databases, data warehouses, web services…) without moving it or creating a new source to manage. Leave your data where it makes sense and put it to use without an expensive, time-consuming project.


Next, decide what you want to make available to your users, what makes it good or bad, and other attributes. Quickly create KPIs, mix and match data sources (calculations too!), and organize everything into groups for navigation and drill down, all using the Visual KPI Designer. You can even get configuration info live from external sources like databases, OSIsoft PI AF, inmation and other systems.


Once you have even a few KPIs, you have a fully running responsive (any device) web app with automatically generated, custom and ad-hoc visualizations with full drill-down and automated roll-ups. Trend, correlate, pivot, troubleshoot, search and more from any device.


Make it your own. Visual KPI profiles include a personalized watch list and unlimited drag-n-drop dashboards, which can be individual or role-based, open or locked down, copied, grouped, secured and more. You can also personalize with object- and group-level security via Active Directory integration.


Core to our design is the belief that software should adjust as your data does and be smart enough to tell you when to pay attention and where to look. The entire system can be automated based on changing conditions and escalating alerts and alert templates give ultimate flexibility.

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